Monday, November 27, 2006

Small is Beautiful: New Oorjaa Series

After months of inactivity I am bringing this blog out of the freezer. In order to keep it alive and growing I am planning a series of new initiatives for Oorjaa. "Small is Beautiful" is one of these initiatives.

In this series I would like to cover small grass-roots efforts related to renewable, sustainable energy in India. While big investments and big renewable energy projects get a lot of attention in the media, the small, grass-roots efforts are often neglected or given scant coverage. So one of the primary aims of this series is to highlight such projects. More often than not, these small projects are initiated by local efforts and hence reflect the desire of the community to seek solutions to their energy problems; often after a pathetic performance by the local government bodies in tackling the issue. The community involvement ensures that the solutions sought are tailored specifically to suit the needs of the people in the community. This bottom-up approach to development is in my opinion what is needed to truly tackle the problems that India faces today. So without further adieu... the first post of the small is beautiful series:

Keep this page bookmarked and check back for future posts in the "Small is Beautiful" series.

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